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What's the use of Industrial PC,Industria Computer,Embedded PC?

2019-01-18 11:28:46

What's the use of Industrial PC,Industria Computer,Embedded PC?

  (Industrial Computer,Industrial PC Application Field-Part One)

Industrial computer,Industrial PC,Embedded PC,Industrial Control Board, many people only know

ordinary home computers,but don’t know their existence of such Industrial computer,Industrial PC,Embedded PC,

Industrial Control Board, and do not understand the difference between them in home computers, but I do not know

whether such Industrial PCs are closely connected with us in life or at work, they can be seen everywhere. With the

in-depth advancement of Industry 4.0, industrial computer will usher in a new wave of applications, once again playing

an important role in life and work. What are the effects of industrial computer on daily life?

1.Such Embedded PC application in rail transit:

From ticket vending machines for entering the subway to buy tickets (using industrial tablet computers or industrial

display processing and control computers),to the subway train, to the subway car,cab operation,control and playback

systems,to the track detection The arc detection is full of the industrial computer, but it is hidden in the system,people

have no way of knowing.

2.Such industrial PC fanless use in the traffic light capture, high-speed toll station application:

Highway toll collection system, traffic light monitoring, speeding capture, etc. all utilize the powerful acquisition,

calculation and processing capabilities of industrial computer, high reliability and the ability to adapt to complex

and harsh working environments.

3.Such Industrial Computer use in the application in the financial industry:

Because of the particularity of the financial industry, there are very high requirements for the stability

and reliability of equipment. These are not met by general commercial computers, so industrial computers

are used in daily convenience facilities. Touch screens such as ATM, VTM, and auto-fillers, or control panels

inside, are representative of industrial computer.

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