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Fanelss Micro IPC Industrial PC For Computer Room Date Data Acquisition-Intelligent Control System

2018-12-27 11:28:58

With the rapid development of Internet applications and the advent of Big Data Era,the hardware supporting facilities closely related to it-the management of the computer room has also entered the era of artificial intelligence and automation.


For the management of the computer room,the earliest is full manual maintenance, and it is necessary to regularly send personnel to inspect, repair and replace, which is time-consuming and laborious.With technological innovation, the conditions of the equipment room are getting better and better, air conditioning, backup power, ventilation equipment, monitoring equipment, fire fighting equipment, etc.Like as the same equipment is becoming more and more sophisticated, maintenance and supervision will need more and more care. How to better carry out more scientific and intelligent maintenance and management in the case of high labor costs, it has become the maintenance of the current equipment room and equipment. The direction of development.


In this situation,Shen Zhen ZeChuang Weiye Technology Co.,Ltd/GREATZC TECHNOLOGY LIMITED developed a fanless multi-serial micro industrial computer specifically for the intelligent computer room maintenance industry.It is with small size,and the main advantage is that it has 4 RS485/422+2 RS232 and 6 serial ports.It can be connected and controlled, such as temperature sensor, humidity sensor, power supply power monitoring, air conditioning control, security monitoring equipment, etc. Maintenance management personnel can monitor and control the equipment room in real time in the office or even on the mobile phone through the network and supporting software, greatly reducing maintenance. Cost, improve management efficiency.


For this fanless industrial grade embedded PC Shen Zhen ZeChuang Weiye Technology Co.,Ltd has currently two configurations of Celeron ZC-G3855DL-6C and Core I5 ZC-G6200DL-6C, both with dual Gigabit wired networks, and support wall-mounted installation, support watchdogs and power-on self-start, and can also be used for other unattended devices or environments. For move details,you are invited to visit our website:

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