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What does OPS Computer mean?

2018-06-05 10:07:32

The OPS computer is an open-type plug-and-play computer specification developed by INTEL for electronic whiteboards, digital signage, advertising media, and touch-control machines. The OPS microcomputer is an open pluggable computer module. It is actually a miniature computer that can only be inserted and removed to make the overall layout beautiful. At the same time, OPS microcomputers are characterized by digital signals that are easier to install, use, and maintain, making digital signage devices more intelligent and convergent.

Why do OPSs have to be developed? Because traditional computer integrated devices, electronic whiteboards, digital signage and other products are assembled using DIY computer accessories or MINI ITX motherboards and other accessories to the back of the display. These types of products have complicated internal wiring and structures. Loose, it is very easy to cause poor contact or looseness during transportation or use, and once bad problems occur, the entire display must be dismantled for inspection, or only the entire LCD screen is packaged and sent back to the manufacturer. Either way, the cost is very high. The new OPS open plug computer standard, the computer part is made of a modular standard, the motherboard, memory, hard disk, WIFI, power, with a standard size shell and use standard 80PIN JAE interface and LCD The OPS interface in the screen is docked.


Through the pull-type design, the computer PC part and the liquid crystal integrated machine can be easily separated and separated, which is very convenient for the maintenance, replacement, upgrading, and replacement of computer components. Customers can also disassemble and install the OPS computer without professional knowledge. The size of the OPS computer is very small (international standard size is 180*119*30mm, domestic standard size is 180.8*195.2*42.5mm), even if there are bad products, customers Can also be used to express the product back to the manufacturer for repair and replacement. Greatly reduce the logistics and labor costs.

OPS microcomputer features:

Digital signals that are easier to install, use, and maintain. Make digital signage devices smarter and more integrated. Another thing to note is that the plug connector of the OPS computer uses the JAE's 80 PIN connector, so the OPS computer is generally used with an OPS adapter plate.

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