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Industrial motherboard design features?

2018-06-05 10:02:05

With the development of the times, some of the harsher working environments are not working with most of the machinery. Therefore, industrial control boards are used by industrial computers. Such industrial control boards are particularly suitable for industrial applications. They can be used according to different needs. . The price drop of industrial control motherboards, some of the requirements for a single computer function but stability requirements of the occasions, such as multimedia advertising systems, securities trading systems, and so many have switched to the industrial control board, some single-chip machine tool control has also begun to use industrial control board Because the IPC motherboard prices are within user acceptance and can reach high stability, the X86 architecture greatly eases the difficulty of software programming and greatly reduces labor costs.

components: Industrial motherboard components are generally different from commercial materials, need to consider high temperature, anti-humidity and other industrial applications.

PCB design: In order to strengthen the motherboard's EMC / EMI performance, enhance the stability of the motherboard. The industrial motherboard adopts 6-layer and above PCB circuit board design.

platform options: Industrial motherboards generally use low-power chipset, in order to save energy, while improving environmental adaptability.

common platform from Intel Core, Nehalem to Sandybridge/Ivybridge in 2012, and Atom cedar-trail Atom platform, AMD's LX series (LX800) to Fusion.

interface design: industrial control board due to special occasions, so the design interface will be customized according to use occasions or stack a large number of standard interfaces to adapt to a variety of interfaces.

Common interfaces are serial ports, USB, LAN, LPT, etc. In order to adapt to the environment, generally have anti-surge impact, static discharge and other designs.

The expansion interfaces include the PC104 family, the PCI-E family, the PCI family, etc. In conjunction with industrial motherboards, the backplane supports multiple extensions.

At the same time with a variety of display functions such as VGA, LVDS, HDMI, DVI interface.

Protection function: The industrial control board through a special design, in the face of abnormal circumstances such as crashes, can realize automatic restart of the watchdog to ensure the system's high stability requirements in harsh environments.

With the increasing use of IPC mainboards, it also proves that the users have improved the quality of motherboards.

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